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Tesoro Nero offer an exclusive range of self playing pianos, which represent a new generation of pianola for passionate pianists across the world. Bring home a Tesoro Nero and you don't just get the pleasure of a unique piano that plays itself. You will set your own music free with a magnificent instrument that will deliver rich and expressive sound for decades to come.

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Why choose a Tesoro Nero self playing piano?

Incredible mechanical piano function

Bring the mechanical piano function to life wirelessly via an iPad, which comes as standard with every Tesoro Nero. Now the whole family can experience what it is like to be a concert pianist, with a majestic piano that plays itself! All of our Grand, Baby Grand, Upright and Concert ranges have this feature in built. Your friends will have to see it to believe it!

Premium quality reflected in the sound

Crafted from the utmost quality materials including German Roslau Strings and a Dehonit Pinblock, a Tesoro Nero provides high precision piano playing. This is not just a high calibre mechanical piano. It is a fine instrument, which can be played in the traditional way with a wonderful depth of sound.

Grow as a player with a self playing piano

Owning your very own self playing piano is perfect for taking your ability to the next level. Use the in-built PianoDisc system to play pre-recorded YouTube music from earlier teaching sessions. The pianola function adds another dimension as you shadow the self-moving keys and learn to master your instrument.

Put on an unforgettable show for your guests

Your Tesoro Nero will quickly become the focal point of any party or gathering at your home. Choose from thousands of famous tracks and have your pianola play your favourite songs throughout the night, from dusk to dawn. It’s a beautiful sight and sound to behold. Even when silent, your piano will add class and beauty to any room.

Free and fast delivery of your piano

Once you’ve purchased your Tesoro Nero, you’ll be marvelling at its wonderful sound in no time at all. If you’re ordering from the UK, your self playing piano could even be delivered within 48 hours of your order and installed in a ground floor room of your choice for no extra charge.  Not sure where your piano will fit? We can help you measure up with a handy size sheet.

Accessories & warranty come as standard

Not only will your piano arrive with an iPad to operate the PianoDisc system, a deluxe piano stool and 5 year warranty are also included as standard. What’s more, your Tesoro Nero is fitted with a quality soft close lid and nickel plated tuning pins. A premium wooden soundboard and keyboard also play their part in creating the pinnacle of piano sound.

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